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Jake’s Grocery: A point of stability in McDowell County

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

NORTHFORK — In a world of constant change, Jake’s Grocery has been a point of stability for decades. Economic downturns and floods have challenged owner Jacob T. Potter and his wife Carol Sue, but with help from above, the small store in McDowell County has stayed open to see its 45th anniversary.

Jake’s Grocery is a small establishment along Cherokee Road not far from Northfork. A person coming inside usually hears the television and immediately sees Jake himself sitting behind the counter. Items ranging from sausage gravy to duct tape wait on shelves and in glass cases.

“In August, I’ll be 72,” Potter said while the news played in the background. He pointed to the back of his store. “I live right behind us.”  The first of the month was also the grocery store’s anniversary.

“On June 1, it was 45 years,” he recalled. “We started on June 1, 1969. My family moved here, but I don’t know how long ago.” He is originally from Mountain City, Tenn., and his parents moved to McDowell County to find work in the mining industry.

Potter pointed at a small sign above the counter. “See that sign? ‘I’m a Volunteer Mountaineer.’” His wife was born in McDowell County.

 Jake’s Grocery was originally Steve’s Cash Store operated by A.E. Stephenson, also known as Steve. Potter later bought the store from him.

“I worked for him,” Potter said. Little has changed since he became the store’s owner. “Basically, it was the same thing. The only thing is I don’t handle meats anymore and milk; the milk truck doesn’t come up here. But basically, everything’s been the same for years.”

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