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May 6, 1951 - February 6, 2007
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The purpose of this site is to share useful information with riders planning to visit the area - so YOU can be better prepared on YOUR arrival.  Things like what to bring, where to go (or not), etc...  With three Hatfield McCoy systems in the area, it is THE ATV destination on the East Coast. 
This area is so ATV friendly it's hard to believe. Mind your manners and receive zero hassles.  There is so much to see and so many places to ride it would be impossible to share it all with you on a website. 
This is not an ATV park.  This is an ATV riders dream come true, and has something for every skill level from beginner to expert. 
Are you ready to ride?  I mean really seriously ride?  If so, start packing.  This is one of those places you have  to experience for yourself.

You will only be limited by your imagination!!

It's called the Wagon Wheel, Pinnacle Creek, the Stair Steps, and more. In reality it's Crumpler WV, Ashland WV, Mercer County, McDowell County, and Wyoming Counties. It's hundreds and hundreds of miles of trail. You can easily access three of Hatfield McCoy's trail systems from Crumpler. Indian Ridge and Pocahontas are less than 4 miles away, with Pinnacle Creek system accessable via Indian Ridge or User Defined Trail, and all via ATV.

You park your hauler and unload just once!!!! This area is located near Northfork / Crumpler, off of US 52 in southern West Virginia. Ride 24 / 7 / 365 with the exception of leap year, which adds an additional day to the schedule. Ride from daylight to daylight every day. There are immeasurable miles of trails that are available for anyone to come and enjoy.

This area offers trails for various rider ability levels from novice to expert. Countless miles of state roads surround and cross the trail network. These main gravel roads are easily, and legally traversable for inexperienced riders. Numerous other smaller trails connect to these gravel roads, and create a challenging ride for the more experienced rider.

All trails are at a minimum two-way, so you should remain alert for other traffic, including large coal hauling trucks and fast moving sport quads. Several stores on the trails allow the opportunity to replenish your supplies.We have frequented several towns including Northfolk, Keystone, Kimball, Welch, Pineville, Mullens, and Motoaka. Heck, we have been to WalMart on the ATV's. And legally at that.

Do you like to ride along the creek? Maybe just ride some wooded trails? How about a hill climb or twelve? It's all here and more.  Come join in on the fun!

Beginner Friendly trails. (Yes)
Intermediate Fun Trails. ( Yes )

Advanced, Expert Trails. ( Yes )

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