In memory of Darrell Persianni, a true friend.  We miss you Darrell!
May 6, 1951 - February 6, 2007
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Our intent is to share information with riders planning to come to this area in hopes they will arrive more prepared than we were on that first trip.  Knowing what you should have with you, where to go, where not to go, things like that. 
WV ATV laws allow you to go just about anywhere. Don't open any gates or cut any fences, and honor the rare no trespassing sign.  Why go where you are not welcome?
This is not an ATV park.  It's just a huge ATV friendly area. 
This site mainly covers the local trails around Ashland & Crumpler WV, Wyoming, Mercer and McDowell Counties, and Hatfield's 3 southern systems  Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek, and Pocahontas, which are easily accessible via ATV / UTV. 
You park your hauler and unload just once.  Ride 24 / 7 / 365 with the exception of leap year, which adds another day to the schedule.  This area is huge.  Countless miles of state roads, mostly gravel, criss cross and interconnect the immeasurable miles of User Defined Trials. 
That makes this a great area for any skill level.  Just keep in mind traffic is at a minimum 2 way.  Be constantly alert for LARGE coal hauling trucks as well as fast moving sport quads.
You can ride to WalMart, Mullens, Matoaka, Pineville, Welch, Northfork, Kimball, just to name a few.  And do it legally!  See train trestles, tunnels, and creeks galore.  There is something here for everybody!
Come join in on the fun!!
March Mudness 2015 is scheduled for March 12-14.  Mudness is our first major group ride of the year.  It's also called the Cabin Fever Reliever.  It will have been a long time since the Turkey Trot and we'll be itching to get out and ride! 
We start each day at Mountain Top Cabins above Crumpler.  We plan to leave by 9, hope to leave by 9.30, and usually do leave about 10.   Our destination is always the same.  Right back where we started from that morning.  We get there via some town, making us a nice big loop of 60-80 miles. 

We're both on and off of Hatfield.  More times than not it's dark when we get back.  Then comes the socializing, grilling, lying, fireworks shows and the like.  Go to bed, then repeat the next day!  In the end, the GPS tracks look like a clover leaf.  Past ride reports are here on the site.
This is an open ride.  YOU are welcome to join us.  Please be courteous to others and make 100% sure you and your machine are 100% ready.  Chitte happens, and we all work together when it does, but do not show up with a known issue.  More on the Equipment page about this!
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