During our first trips here, we were told that only two rules applied.  Don't open any gates or cut any fences.  Obeying the rare no trespassing sign was a given.  There are so many trails to ride, why try to go into places that you will not be welcome? 
The 'User Defined Trails' are great and a MUST RIDE.  The trick here is to ride first with someone already familiar with the trails or carry a GPS you know how to use.
Remember: your ride is not over until you get back.  
We do spend most of our time on these trails, and they are used to get from one HFM system to the other.  Your adventure will only be limited by your imagination.
The infamous Stair Steps are located right where the pavement ends by THE guardrail.  You will drive right by on your way to Mountain Top Cabins.  Severely eroded and basically impassable, the Steps continue to be a major landmark and popular spot to gather.  "let's meet at the stair steps" has been said more times than a person could count!!
As you explore this area, you will eventually find train trestles and tunnels.  AWESOME stuff to see for sure.  You need to be aware that if you are caught on railroad property, you could find yourself in BIG TIME TROUBLE as in up to 25 days in jail plus fine! 
Railroad property does include the rail beds beside the tracks.  Resist the temptation that I know you will feel to cross a trestle, go through a tunnel, or zoom along beside a train.  Probably a must see, but view from a distance. 
You can access Hatfield McCoy's Indian Ridge, Pocahontas, and Pinnacle Creek systems by trail. Yes there is a fee to pay and rules to follow, but you get something the local trails do not offer.  A MAP and marked trails.  Maps really help! 
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Local Information. It's good stuff to know!
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Area Ride Reports
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